Why Did I Get The Job Idea Out Of My Heart?

Some of my teachers say that I mislead children. Remove them from the career mainstream pattern. I teach them bandages and fill their ears.

I accept that I do this, and this work I have done not only with the children but also with the teachers, who stayed compelled by habit. One of the great problems of our society is that whatever is said, whatever is encouraged, deviates from the traditions, it is considered as error. No matter how logical it may be in itself. These people say that I am not fit for society. Then they ask me to tell me a job that will earn me a little money.

The Concept, Do What We Are Doing:

The problem is that these people want to bring me up to the principles they have set and say, do what we are doing, but are not satisfied with our work. Now listen to what these people are doing.

  • Twelve years of internship.
  • Then four years (five years in my case) of college graduation
  • Then two years and sometimes two and a half years internship or house job.
  • It’s been a total of eighteen or nineteen years.

The Concept Of Misguidance:

If you apply for a job now, you know that you will not get a job without experience, but even for experience, a job is necessary. What the poor Marta does now is that Teachers agrees to a job of twenty-five thousand, but by that time his age has reached somewhere between twenty-five and twenty-eight years. The second way is to take the time to work while studying and to close your stomach.

But both have one thing in common, and that is “job.” And that’s what misleading people and instilling business in them is called misguidance in the “professor-afflicted” elders of our so-called academic class.

Loss Of Creativity:

The greatest barrier that arises in the development of any society. It is due to livelihood, and the same thing we have to deal with in the field of education and jobs. We have also made labor killing our motto in the field of education. Teachers and professors spend most of the day teaching or surrounding students to write their Ph.D.


In such a case, after getting a degree, we get a “number machine” of medicine or engineering, which spends all its money on making new money, making the boss happy and making new efforts for promotion. The result is that knowledge does not appear in its form in such a way that it provides a meaningful way for consciousness to grow. The time required to breathe knowledge is lost somewhere in the struggle and confusion of job and job seekers.

Just a few days ago, a professor at a well-known institution (who is from the field of medicine) was saying, “Heat rashes are caused by the heat of the blood.” The seminar was attended by all doctors and professors. No one said anything, we also remained silent, but it must have been understood that most of us working-minded people read science not out of interest, but out of compulsion due to lack of jobs. Because after studying science, you get good jobs, and there is no time to reinvent what you have read in this donkey-killing environment, and looking at Facebook or social media websites is not enough to understand this. Is. Rather, real-world jobs must sit up with professional scientists, engineers, and doctors.

Jobs Are Running Out:

This story is not just about Pakistan or any developing country. This is the story of every country and of the world as a whole. The world is moving towards freelancing. People are moving towards their own specialty. Owners of companies think that it is better to work with one person than to give variety a chance. Remove one from the company, then hundreds, not thousands, of candidates are standing in line. Here, too, is the same competition that escaped the business. The lack of jobs has been growing over the last ten years.

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