What to Do For a Job in Dubai?

If you are looking for a job in Dubai, then this post is for you. Getting a job in Dubai is the dream of many today. Young people have a good chance to find a job in the UAE or other nearby Gulf countries to increase their income, bring prosperity, get out of debt quickly or get a good reward for their labor. Because on the one hand, they are close to Pakistan. Anytime can only come from a two to three-hour flight. Second, there are still good job prospects out there today, but it is also important to have good knowledge first.

Now read carefully my next set of words and follow them:

  1. You must have a college-level education and one to two years of experience to get a decent job in Dubai. What if it’s more than that? But not only that, without it you can’t get a job, you will get it but at a very low level, with a lot of time and hard work and then there will be no good annual growth and salary.
  2. Then first prepare yourself mentally to make a lot of temporary compromises. Because Dubai, as seen in the media, is for travelers. But for those who work there, the first few years are a little different, for which you have to have patience, perseverance, endurance, compromise, etc. step by step. Warm weather, living on a bunker bed with a lot of people in a room, eating comfortably only once a day, remembering family, etc. But remember, you have to lose something to gain something. Maybe, if you get a good job, you will have a special facility, and everything will be settled as soon as it is gone or it will take some time. But you must keep all this in mind.
  3. Have your academic credentials, experience letter, soft copy of CV, passport, and passport size photographs with at least fifteen white backgrounds ready. At the same time, bring a little fluency in English speaking and writing, which is very different. It should also be noted that for a good job in Dubai, you will need to verify your educational credentials from the relevant Board of Education, HEC, Foreign Office, and UAE Embassy before going to Pakistan. We will do this before going to Dubai, so believe me it will be very convenient. Nowadays it has become so easy anyway, that some good courier companies do it. Even if you don’t have all this, you can get a job, you can get it later, but for a job in the best company, it is necessary from the beginning. So it is better to do it in advance.
  4. Most importantly, it is very important for you to be present in Dubai for the job, that the company will first call and then email those who are in Dubai for the interview. Remember, it is very important to have a friend or relative in Dubai beforehand, who can arrange accommodation for you, keep you or arrange a bed somewhere else, and then wherever you are. Yes, there must be Wi-Fi, which is very important. You can make the rest of the food in your room, share it, or eat it out of the hotel. It doesn’t matter if you have your own or a friend’s laptop, otherwise, you can go to a net cafe, but it is also expensive and in many places, the net cafe is far away.
  5. So, sir, now apply for a visit visa to Dubai with the help of a “good acquaintance” who gets it in about three to four days. Remember, travel agents nowadays have to deposit a refundable amount along with the visa fee. Then after that, you will have to get a return ticket. Find out in advance which airline is cheaper for you, which you can check yourself by visiting the websites of different airlines. Remember, even after getting a visa, you still have two months to go to Dubai. Not that I got this morning so I ran away. Take things in stride and try not to focus too much on the problem.

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