Treatment of Unemployment and Low Income

Having a job as well as a good monthly income is no less than a blessing, and the attainment of such a blessing is the desire of every human being. So that he can live with the best facilities including his family, and not only that but also come to work in the difficult times of others. If you want to get rid of unemployment or increase your income, read all these things carefully and practice:

  1. First of all, keep yourself normal. Choose a quiet time and place where you can sit back and meditate on the current situation. Remember, it is very important for your mind and body to be normal in order to cope with difficult situations, everything else is later.
  2. Then give thanks again and again by remembering and feeling what is good in your life. Such as being a completely normal human being, being able to use your hands, feet, eyes properly, having invaluable blessings like your parents, wife, and children, taking care of the blessings already available in the house, etc. All such positive things are to give thanks to the Lord by thinking. Believe me, you will realize the difficult situation you are facing right now. He is no greater than the pre-existing bliss. This way you will feel more satisfied.
  3. Now you have to make a list, in which you have to write down all the basic monthly expenses, such as utility bills, rents, rations, fees, loan installments, etc. So that you can estimate how much money you need per month for basic expenses, whatever the total figure, keep that in mind and be sure that you will be able to earn that much money or more per month. Setting your own financial goals can help you avoid unnecessary expenses.
  4. Now, look at your own abilities. What are your hobbies and interests? What are your previous experiences? You have to make a list of all such tasks. You can read and revise it again and again. It involves memorizing and writing down everything you did long ago or even for a short time. Bring your previous career line in order.
  5. Now you have to honestly test yourself, whether you are trying a job or a side business based on your abilities or past experience? Are you really trying hard? If so, where are you weak? Lack of special education, experience, or skills? Problems with likes and dislikes? Not being lazy or lazy? Can’t set the time? Have to go somewhere far away? Etc. At this stage, you have to do your accounting with complete impartiality. Then whatever the reason, there is practical work to be done to eliminate it.
  6. Remember where to search for a job you have to apply in newspapers and online or find a reference. In the same way, to increase your income, you have to find a well-paid full-time job or start a side job or business with the current job. You have to meet people, you have to talk about it, then there is away. There is nothing to be gained by just sitting at home and thinking. If there is a lack of education and skills, do not hesitate to fill it at any age. Many good institutes, or online like, offer free courses. On YouTube, you can find great content in this regard.
  7. If you can’t find a job or your current income makes it difficult for you to make ends meet, shift your focus away from the job to the business, but that doesn’t mean you should stop looking for a job. If you search on Google, there are many websites that will tell you the successful ways to do business for very little money. You can do a lot of work at home without an office, or even online. It can be started by those who understand and find it easy to do. Below are some examples for your convenience, which you can type on Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine and read the relevant articles on different websites carefully:
  • Home-based small business
  • Small business ideas
  • Business with Low investment
  • Business with Zero Money
  • Free online business startup
  • Freelancer jobs
  • Part-time jobs
  • Small investment business

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