Reasons for Unemployment

One of the key factors for the economy and economic growth is the working people (laborers), but since working people have more problems than the working people. That is why there is always talk of unemployment and underemployment. Hopefully, if you are unemployed in a European country, you do not have to worry too much, but such luxury is not possible in other countries of the world. That is why the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinevitably worries and hardships with the unemployed comes to mind. Our perceptions of workers are generally good, except for a few categories such as child labor and forced labor (forced labor or enslavement).

Economic inequality and poverty:

Of the schools of thought in the economy, only the socialists speak out in favor of the unemployed. With regard to unemployment, the socialist school of thought believes that this is a very negative thing not only for society but also for the economy. By keeping people unemployed, we are not taking advantage of our available resources. People with this thinking understand that this is not just a waste of human resources, but also a waste of many resources. Unemployed people shut down the machines of the industry, and we cannot take full production from them. Unemployed people’s skills become obsolete, and they eventually become a burden on the economy by becoming fully integrated into society’s unusable resources.

If this idea is accepted, then the question naturally comes to mind, that if unemployment is the only loss to the economy, then why do people remain unemployed?

One of the main causes of unemployment is the loss of jobs. Suppose a rich man buys some sacrificial animals. He employs five people to take care of these animals. As soon as these animals are sacrificed after two months, these five people will also become unemployed. You may say that after a few days another rich person may need such an employee, but between these two jobs, he has to remain unemployed for some time. Unemployment (short term unemployment) is actually the most important unemployment. Another major cause of unemployment is the loss of skill.

An example of this can be found in the form of any job that has been replaced by technology.

Calligraphy, for example, became less common with the advent of computers and printers, and many lost their jobs. A third major reason is somewhat similar to the second reason, which is that the demand for something, rather than skills, maybe temporarily depleted and people associated with the industry may be temporarily unemployed. For example, some people work in a winter garment factory on a daily wage basis and are unemployed for part of the summer when the factory closes. In addition to these three factors, government policies and trade unions also make people unemployed. For example, the government should fix a salary in a sector and no trade union should accept these salaries, and the workers in the strike should resign and become unemployed.

Another major cause of unemployment is capitalism.

The capitalists want more and more work to be done with machines. The reason for this is that machines have to be spent once and then very little money has to be spent on them. There are no demands on machines like soul laborers. Machines do not even need to be discharged due to any social issues. Machines don’t even have the feeling of sadness, whether they work more or less one day because of them. Capitalists work together to keep workers unemployed. For example, when a job seeker leaves one company and moves to another, he is not given a job. That’s why leaving a job is so dangerous for anyone because of the fear of unemployment. The advantage to the capitalist is that the wages of the laborer are exhausted, and the capitalist takes maximum production from him.

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