How Important Is Career Guidance For Future Success?

Guidance in any form is the key to success for a person, through which he unlocks all the locks one by one. “Success” in life depends on a successful career. That is why there is so much emphasis on the importance of career planning today. Experts urge students to think about career choices right from the start of primary school. However, when the situation is such that a student has many priorities in the field of education and he has to choose one of the top colleges and universities, it is quite possible that the student is on the path of choosing the right education or profession. Suffering from hemorrhoids.

Different Stages for Career Guide:

As far as secondary school is concerned, our students do not know which subjects or professions they should choose for higher secondary education in the light of their abilities, and which should not. Sometimes students follow their parents, relatives, or their ideals in choosing subjects.

This is the stage where ‘career guidance’ is very important. For example, students in schools and colleges should be guided to choose subjects based on their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, which can be a good career choice for them in the future and a guarantee of a successful future.

What Does Career Guide Mean:

The European Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the European Commission and the World Bank define career guidance internationally as follows: “Career guidance means services and activities aimed at any student. Assist with education, training, career choice, and career management throughout his or her life, regardless of age.

Career Counseling:

These services may be available in schools, colleges, universities, training institutes, government employment departments, workplaces, volunteer or social sector, and private sector.

This whole process is also called ‘career counseling’, in which the most important role is played by the counselor, who provides the students with information related to the choice of subjects and profession. These counselors or educational leaders can be the student’s parents, teachers, or career counselors at school and college.

Role of Parents in Career Counseling:

Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. It is the parents who guide the children step by step and make the best of the best. The role of parents is also very important in choosing subjects and professions. Instead of imposing their will on the child, they should allow him to choose a career based on his likes and dislikes, interests, and inclinations. Well, known scientist, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was asked, a question comes to mind, and someone asked him, what would you do if you were a farmer instead of a scientist? To this Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan replied that he would also grow potatoes in a scientific way. Now since times are changing. Therefore, parents should not impose their desires on their children, which are beyond their temper and tolerance.

Role of Teacher:

Another important role as a career guide or career counselor is that of teachers, who guide students in their choice of subjects and careers while understanding their psychology.

Importance Of Career Counselor:

The third and most important role is that of a career counselor, which is of paramount importance throughout the career counseling process. The best counselors are usually psychologists, for example, they have at least a graduate diploma in psychology, applied psychology, or counseling. The counselor sees each child as an individual, and these people are trained to the extent that they know a person’s personality through their hobbies. , Doctoral and other important professions suggest a choice. At this stage, the importance of the subject counselor or education counselor increases, giving advice in the light of the young person’s personality, goals, abilities and likes and dislikes, which academic subjects and which professions will be more suitable for them.

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